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Jordan is an emerging medical tourism destination, with related revenues exceeding one billion dollars in 2007.[1] More than 250,000 patients from other countries sought treatment in Jordan that year. This included an estimated 45,000 Iraqis and approximately 25,000 patients each from Palestine and Sudan. An estimated 1,800 US citizens, 1,200 UK citizens, and 400 Canadians also sought treatment in Jordan that year. Treatment costs can be as low as 25 percent of costs in the US.[1] The country’s competitive pricing and high quality health services have been attracting regional patients from other Middle Eastern and North African countries including Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan for quite some time now.[4] The World Bank ranked Jordan as being the top medical tourism destination in the Middle East and North Africa, followed byDubai, Abu Dhabi, and Israel.[1] More than 250,000 patients from 84 countries were treated there in 2008, according to a recent study byJordan's Private Hospitals Association (PHA).[4]

Jordan’s physicians and surgeons are all proficient in the English language as medical school is taught solely in English throughout the country. These surgeons set themselves apart and excel through training, practicing or affiliations with top institutions in the United States such as Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic.[4]


Achieve the restorative and relaxing benefits of Dead Sea & Ma'In Hot Springs,
mud treatments and salt scrubs imbued with indigenous regional minerals, like natural sea salts,

In the seventies of the last century, the Dead Sea was rediscovered as Heaven for Treatments & Beauty. Today there are Many specialized centers around the Dead Sea dealing with treatments linked to it’s Nature beside several Spas & Hotels catering for the rejuvenation for old and young.
Although called the "Dead Sea", this sea and the whole region on its shore is very much alive. The dead Sea lies some 408 km below sea level at the lowest point on the earth's surface, and is a part of the Syrian - East Africa Rift Valley, flanked by Palestine Mountains to the west and the Moab Mountains to the east.